Reneka Ben. 1951

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Reneka Ben. 1951

Message par Martin Heinzle le Dim 03 Sep 2017, 19:50

Dear friends of vintage coffee and espresso machines,

I ve just started to restore a early Reneka (1951). You can find pictures and first steps here:

Unfortunately some parts are missing. Im looking for a portafilte for the Reneka hotel-group,
or a complete group.

I m always interested in any complete Reneka machine from the 50s, too.

There are only a few informations about this machine, I do nt know the complete name?
(Thanks to pootoogoo for the wonderful article about the history of Reneka)

If anybody can help me with parts, informations or machines, please contact me.
Yours sincerely

Martin Heinzle

Date d'inscription : 03/09/2017
Machine à café : La Cimbali, Reneka
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